Swimple Connect makes installation easy!

Step 1

Prior to Rendering

1. Ensure the concrete shell is completely cured (min 28 Days).

2. Pressure wash the concrete shell OR Acid Wash the concrete shell if affected by stagnant water.

3. If the concrete shell is smooth, a splash coat or etching may be required to aid adhesion.


1. Render Mix – 3 parts washed sand : 1 part off white cement mixed with Mapei Planicrete SP (diluted).

2. Planicrete SP Mix – 1 part Planicrete SP Latex additive : 3 parts water.

3. Allow Render to cure.

Step 2

Tile Installation

Tiling should be carried out in ambient temperatures of between 5 °C minimum and 30 °C maximum. We recommend that a Tarp is installed over the pool to help avoid moisture and sunlight effecting the adhesion of the tile glue.

Apply skim coat glue to the rendered walls. This will achieve colour consistency and seal off the render.

1. Adhesive:

Mapei Keraflex White mixed with Mapei Isolastic 50.

2. Installation:

  • Appropriate notch trowel (suggested – a new 4 mm).
  • Tiles firmly tapped in place with a firm rubber float.
  • Allow to cure prior to traffic and grouting.
  • A minimum drying time of 48 hours is required prior to peeling off the plastic. Please note that in cooler months of the year you may need to allow up to 5 days.
  • In Winter, KeraQuick can be used for quicker drying time.
  • Kerapoxy should be used on steps and spillways

Step 3


Light colours:

1. Mapei Keracolour FF mixed with diluted Mapei Fugolastic.

2. Mix 1 part Fugolastic : 5 parts clean water

Dark Colours / Black:

  • Mapei Ultracolour Plus Grout mixed with diluted Mapei Fugolastic.
  • Mix 1 part Fugolastic : 5 parts clean water

Adhesive & Quantity Estimate Guide


20 kg Keraflex / Keraquick = coverage approx. 7 to 8m2.


Isolastic 50 (mixed with Keraflex) = approx 5.5lt per 20kg bag.


Keracolour or Ultracolour Plus = 1kg per sqm. 5lt Fugolastic = cover approx 100kg of grout.

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