About Swimple

About Swimple

Book & Experience Amazing Private Pools with Swimple

Our Story

We all cherish moments of swimming, whether it’s enjoying a pool day with the kids, doing laps for exercise, or hosting lively pool parties. However, not everyone has the privilege of owning their own pool.

While the beach is a decent alternative, dealing with sand can be quite a hassle! Swimming is not just a fun activity; it’s also an essential skill for our children to learn, and understanding its benefits is crucial.

Swimple was established with the mission of making pool access available to everyone, not just those fortunate enough to have one at home.

Considering that only 12% of Australians own a pool, the costs associated with pool ownership, including chemicals, cleaning, and general maintenance, can be quite steep.

On average, maintaining a pool can range from $65 to $165 per month, depending on its size.

This means you could potentially spend hundreds of extra dollars annually to maintain a large lap pool compared to a smaller one used for occasional dips.

Surprisingly, the average pool owner in Australia only uses their pool 3-4 times a week for less than an hour. This leaves a significant amount of time when the pool remains unused. Swimple was designed to help you earn money during those times when your pool is not in use. That’s the vision behind Swimple’s creation.

Our Values

Our Platform

We’ve developed Swimple to be simple. Simply search the area, pool type or water type you are looking for, and request the date and time you wish to rent a pool. Await for confirmation from the host and make your payment. It’s that simple.

Our Hosts

We work closely with each of our Hosts guiding them through the process of listing and renting their pool on the Swimple Platform. Our dedicated Host Support Team is always on hand to assist, ensuring Hosts maximize their pool. 

Our Guests

We want our guests to book the pool of their dreams for, a pool party, a regular swim or even a one-off booking. Our dedicated Guest Support Team is on hand to answer your questions and ensure you make a splash!


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