Become a Host

Become a Host

Host your pool and earn an income


How To Become a Swimple Host

1. List Your Pool For FREE

To elevate the appeal of your pool and make it an enticing choice for swimmers, begin by uploading captivating photos that highlight its best features. These photos play a crucial role in capturing the interest of potential guests. Additionally, setting an hourly rate that aligns with the value of your pool is essential. Consider elements like location, pool size, amenities, and any unique features it boasts when determining the rate. This thoughtful approach ensures that your pool stands out as an attractive option for those seeking a refreshing swim.

2. Accept Online Bookings

When potential guests come across your pool listing, they’ll have the option to request to book it on an hourly basis. This allows them to plan their visit according to their schedule and preferences. As a host, you have the opportunity to engage in a conversation with these potential guests. This interaction can be invaluable in ensuring that their needs align with what your pool can offer. You can discuss any specific requirements, answer questions, and provide additional information to help them make an informed decision.

3. Receive Direct Payments

After a booking request has been accepted, guests will be charged through Swimply’s secure and reliable payment system. This ensures a seamless and hassle-free transaction for both hosts and guests. The upfront payment provides peace of mind for hosts, knowing that their pool is reserved and ready for the guest’s use. Swimply employs a trusted payment processing service to handle transactions. Once the booking is complete, Swimply efficiently and directly deposits your earnings into your designated bank account. This prompt payout system ensures that hosts receive their earnings promptly after each successful booking.

As a Host YOU are in Control

List Your Pool For FREE

Upload eye-catching pictures, set an hourly rates, and hire out your pool.

Accept Online Bookings

Review booking requests from swimmers and approve them at your discretion.

Receive Direct Payments

We guarantee secure payments directly to your bank after a completed booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply sign up to become a Swimple Host, await for your account to be verified and then complete your pool listing including photographs, prices and features.
Each time a guest books your pool, you’ll be earning. The more bookings you get the more money you’ll make.

You can upgrade your pool listing at anytime to be featured. A featured listing benefits from: Homepage Listing, Featured Label, Priority Listing in Search Results and Dedicated Host Support Team access.

You’ll recive an email for any booking request. You have 24 hours to accept the booking.
What you list your pool at is at your discretion, however, the more appealing the price, the more bookings you’ll receive.
What you provide a Swimple guest is up to you. However the more included features you provide the more booking you’ll secure.
For bookings less than 10 people, you don’t need to be at home, bookings over 10 people do require your attendance. However, a large number of our hosts like to remain available to guests during thoer booking.
Yes! The more services you offer, the more bookings you’ll receive. You can either include these in your booking cost, or set them as an option with an additional fee.

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